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Tammy Mae Moon
Tammy Mae Moon

Artist Interview: Tammy Mae Moon

About Tammy: 
I am a self taught artist living in Kentucky. I am always developing my skills as an artist, and find inspiration in every minute of my existence. I work mainly with acrylic paint, but sometimes break out the soft pastels. I like to combine elements of fantasy, remodernism, and even some Pop Surrealism in my paintings.The biggest theme within my work is the sacred feminine. We are all in need of massive healing within our feminine psyche. I try to work with strong feminine archetypal symbols. I use bright colors and pastels to invoke our feminine consciousness. I am also very drawn to nature and see our connection to it as a mystical one. I believe how we treat nature is truly a reflection of how women are treated and respected. In this current time of ecological crisis, I want to reconnect this relationship of women and nature in our conscious minds through my art. I want my work to rattle our memories of our ancestors and of times long forgotten in history. I am always painting some archetype or another of the goddess, even if it isn’t immediately apparent in the work. Sometimes my work contains layers of symbolism, and other times I keep it simple; relying on the soul of the subjec to speak to the viewer.

Why art? 
I always loved to draw as a kid, but never thought growing up to be an artist was something I could actually do.  In college I pursued a degree in Antiquities, which combined my other loves of history, archaeology, and mythology.  I went many routes after college looking for my place, and then fell into art through pursuing work in the healing arts industry.  Coming back to art was like coming home, I sometimes regret not realizing art was my only true home earlier than I did.  But all the experience I attained before pursuing art as a career plays into my work now.

Which medium would you love to try but haven't yet? 
I have tried just about every medium there is except for maybe gouache.  I would like to try it at some point.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? 
I often feel like we are losing a connection with nature in the modern world.  I also believe that our ancestors lived closer to nature and had a lot of wisdom that we ignore or have forgotten now.  I love to search through ancient stories, legends and myths to find that magic and wisdom that I feel we are losing today, and then try to portray these stories in my work in a more modern way I suppose.  My loftiest goal with my work is to bring in a bit of ancient magic and help with an inner transformation within each viewer.

How is your personality reflected in your work?  
I love history.  I almost watch nothing but period dramas and read nothing but historical fiction and medieval fantasy novels.  My love of history is often reflected in my girls, in their hair and dress.  I often put them in folk patterns from various cultures that are hardly seen anymore.  I love to preserve the past through my work.  

How has your artwork change over time? 
I have gotten a lot more detailed over the years.  I use to be so enamored with faces and emotions and I pretty much only painted faces.  Now I love to paint whole scenes, especially forests, mountains and lakes.  I loves putting my women in more elaborately patterned clothing.  I still love strong emotion in the faces, but I have learned that emotion can come from many more places than just the eyes.

What memorable reaction have you had to your work? 
I think the best reaction is always when someone says they can see themselves in your work.

What is your dream project? 
I have lots of dream projects.  Someday I would love to complete a tarot deck.  I would also love to work more with writers, musicians, and other artists in more collaborative ways.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
Always make the art that is in you, that makes you happy.  Don't overthink about what will sell the best, and don't pay too much attention to what others are doing.  Just keep making the art that makes gives you the most joy.

Professionally, what’s your goal? 
I just want to keep being able to do art as my profession.  It's the best "job" in the world, I only hope that the opportunities keep growing for me to be able to keep at this full time.

Thank you so much for letting us know a bit more about you and your work :) 

Here´s a sneak peek at Tammy´s piece for our upcoming art show "Euphoria".
Show opens on Nov 11th, to be included on the Collectors please send an email to:

Find more works by Tammy at:

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