Tammy Mae Moon - Samovila
Tammy Mae Moon - SamovilaTammy Mae Moon - Samovila
Tammy Mae Moon - Samovila
$400.00 inc. tax
Artist: Tammy Mae Moon
Title: "Samovila"
Medium: Soft pastel on Pastelmat
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches 
With frame: 13 x 16 inches

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Description: When considering this theme I thought about what are my favorite subjects to paint, and that is no doubt goddesses and birds and forests.  I have been painting goddesses for about 10 years now and I worry I am running out of new ones to paint sometimes.  So when I find a "new to me" and interesting one, I get a bit of a euphoric feeling.  
I just happened on Samovila when I was researching Slavic goddesses.  Samovila is a protector of the forest and can shape-shift into a swan or a falcon among other animals.  I tried to portray her as both beautiful and innocent, but with a hint of foreboding in her eyes.  I think that is how we often see the forest, beautiful and innocent at first, but can turn frightening in an instant.  If anyone harmed one of Samovila's animals she would lure them deep into the forest to a circle where they would be danced to death, which sounds very similar to me of myths of fairy rings.  
$400.00 inc. tax
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