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Juliette Vaissiere - The Game
Juliette Vaissiere - The GameJuliette Vaissiere - The Game
Juliette Vaissiere - The Game
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Artist: Juliette Vaissiere
Title: The Game
Size: 8"x10"
Medium: Oil, screen-printing pigment on panel
Process and Inspiration: The artist designed the background pattern and screen-printed it onto the panel, 
before sealing it and painting on top. Inspired by the Baroque period.

Artist Statement: "As a French American, my world has always been split in two. After growing up in Southern France, a move to Texas sparked nostalgia for the sense of timelessness embedded in European culture. A unique cultural richness that has helped shape the artistic world globally; a tangible richness thanks to the architecture, writings, and art we still have access to.
The figures I paint are influenced by a romanticized, utopian, and occasionally theatrical view of historical Europe, and a sense of timeless beauty. Neither sad nor happy they are ready to be filled with whatever the viewer projects on them-offering themselves up as a “mirror”, with an apathy that borders on melancholy.
My work plays with concepts of ornamentation and embellishment, exploring how humanity has a constant and driving need to change and mold the aesthetics of the world around us, whether for better or for worse. More subtle recurring themes that come into play include female sexuality, gender equality, and fairytale-inspired narratives.
Favoring traditional mediums and methods I work exclusively in oil paint, using charcoal or watercolor for my sketches. An important part of my work is technical exploration, and as such I strive for the highest level of craftsmanship within both my paint application and woodwork. I believe that there is no substitute for something handmade, and I am constantly exploring new ideas while studying and pulling from the legacies of historical and contemporary painters.
Preferring to keep a sense of intimacy, I rarely work larger than life-size, my subjects existing within their confines of colorful transparencies and heightened contrasts. Duality is the defining factor in my work. Fragility and sadness are present, but so are strength and optimism."
$250.00 inc. tax
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