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Joanna Viheria - Forever
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 Joanna Viheria
Title: Forever 20.2.2017
Medium: Pastel and Pencil on paper
Size: 11.7"x16.5"
With frame: 13"x17.7"
Inspiration: Leonardo Da Vinci´s "The Burlington House Cartoon"

Artist Bio: "My name is Joanna Viheria. I'm a Finnish born illustrator and painter living in London, UK.
As long as I can remember, I have loved drawing and since the age of nine dreamed of pursuing a career in art. Music, another big passion of mine, has influenced my art and me as an artist the most. 
At 17 I discovered a band called The Cure and was inspired how the artist was using his emotions to create something unique and powerful that touched many people myself included. That was something I wanted to do.
Someone once told me " A great artist sees the light and is able to show it to people. If the artist stands between the light and the person who tries to see it, the person can only see a shadow of the artist."
With my art, I want to bring light to those who,  in todays world, have hard time for reaching it.
My wish is to create a beautiful dream in which happiness and love are found in places you wouldn't believe them to exist.
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