Joshua Coffy - Hide & Seek Champion of the World - Original Painting

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 "Hide & Seek Champion of the World" by Joshua Coffy

Medium: Mixed media on wood
Size: 16"x20"x1.2"

Story behind this piece: "When I was a young boy I would go raccoon hunting with my dad. Sometimes, we would even go on school nights. We lived in rural Ohio. Anyway...One night we were hunting and walking up a hill. At the top of the hill you could hear the dogs freaking out. They came running down the hill faster than I had ever seen....wimpering and cowering. And when I looked to the top of the ridge I saw him. A large man like figure was standing. He turn when my dad yelled 'Hey, what did you do to my dogs?'....My dad apparently believed it was a man. But as we turned and ran across the ridgeline you could see he was hairy and larger than life. To this day I still believe it was Bigfoot. I had never known our dogs to be scaered of anything....and the way my dad scurried us back to the house led me to believe that he was frightened as well."

Artist Bio: Joshua Coffy is a self-taught artist living and working in San Francisco.  He grew up in a variety of locales from Ohio to New Mexico to Florida and finally California. Moving from one region to another helped to shape his cultural views of the world as well as inspire him to create art inunique and varied ways. Josh draws inspiration for his mixed media paintings from the natural, scientific illustrations and his love of animals. Joshs work includes many layers of textures including paper patterns, maps, newspaper articles, and acrylic paint. Much of his work deals with animals and how humans relate to the birds and mammals all around us. His work is usually a light-hearted and whimsical approach to our ideals about animals. He has created a sense of symbolism and meaning with many of the images he paints. Illustrating the conversation between man and beast with a wink and stillness for you to make your own decisions about what the image is saying.

Ghost Stories Art Show - June 20th - July 20th

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